What to Expect?

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Seeing a Psychiatrist for the very first time can be intimidating. Most new patients fear judgement or are afraid of being misdiagnosed. If you're fearful about seeing a Psychiatrist for the first time--you're not alone. Keep in mind that Psychiatrists are people too-- they're here to help you. The bad news is you may have a disorder. The good news is through psychiatric treatments, you can restore function in your life. It is certainly not your fault that you have a disorder, but it is up to you to manage it responsibly. Before your appointment with Dr. Copelan, here are some steps that can help you feel prepared.


Be prepared to fill out new patient paperwork. You can download our New Patient Forms Packet here if you would like to fill it out before your appointment. The paperwork may take 15 minutes to complete, but it is completely necessary because your doctor needs this information to get a complete story on your medical history, chief complaints and symptoms.


Present your insurance card to the medical receptionist. You should also be prepared with cash or credit cards to process your insurance co-pay. (if applicable)


Expect for Dr. Copelan to ask you various questions in different ways. She needs to know why you are visiting, what your symptoms are and what your relationship with others is like. This may seem rather probing and redundant, but it is completely necessary to be honest and open with your doctor so that you can receive the best treatment.


Keep in mind that Dr. Copelan will take notes as she observes things about you. Don't worry. Your doctor is not judging you but rather is collecting information about your personality and individuality that is useful in understanding you as a person.


Bring Dr. Copelan a list of all the medications you're currently taking. This medication list is important because it helps your doctor detect possible drug interactions that could be detrimental to your health.


Dr. Copelan will most likely prescribe a drug and/or behavioral treatment plan after evaluation. Evaluation may take more than one appointment. It's important to follow the treatment directions carefully throughout treatment. In order to ensure successful outcome treatments, Dr. Copelan focuses on psycho education for parents.

Gender dysphoria disorder is often distressing at any age. It can interfere with your child’s ability to function at school or at home. They might withdraw from friends, social or extracurricular activities, and be reluctant to go to school.


Follow Up

Be prepared to attend future doctor appointments with Dr. Copelan.All of your therapy/treatment will be ongoing. It is up to your doctor to determine how often, and for how long, you require follow-up visits.